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Stephen F. Johnson President of American Clean Coal Fuels
Illinois Clean Fuels LLC
A Letter from the President


Location: Douglas, Edgar, and Coles Counties, Illinois

Plant type:  Biomass & Coal to Liquids + Carbon Capture and Sequestration(BCTL+CCS). Synthetic fuels production via Gasification and Fischer-Tropsch conversion.

Output: The facility will convert approximately 4,300,000 tons per year of Illinois coal sourced from a new mine and biomass sourced from waste or agricultural sources, into approximately 414,000,000 gallons per year of ultra-clean synthetic diesel fuel and jet fuel.


Project Vision:

  • To cleanly produce high-value ultra-clean synthetic fuels from low value biomass & coal.
  • Create clean and competitive new uses for our plentiful coal reserves by deploying innovative new commercial technology, and simultaneously create an entirely new market for underutilized waste biomass sources and new high-yielding bioenergy crops.
  • To reduce the United States dependence on foreign oil imports. 
  • Stimulate the economy of the region and state, and create 600 family-wage jobs, through the creation of an entirely new manufacturing industry.
  • To design and manage operations in a way that cares for and protects the environment, and creates a path to true sustainability while supporting and enhancing the economy.

The Illinois Clean Fuels project represents a revolutionary advance in US alternative fuels production.

This project represents a full-scale "bridge solution" to our growing fuel supply problems. By utilizing both coal and biomass feedstocks for the production of ultra-clean drop-in-replacement diesel and jet fuels, this project will help our economy transition away from oil to new clean transportation fuel sources.

The project uses existing proven technologies to cleanly and responsibly leverage our remaining low-cost fossil fuel reserves (coal), while creating infrastructure and markets for sustainable new biomass feedstock sources capable of carrying our economy cleanly and reliably into the future.

The plant will have the design capacity to transition over time to extremely high biomass blends using the same equipment that also runs on coal. Although the core technology was originally focused on the production of fuels from coal, this plant will functionally also be a "cellulosic bio-refinery". This makes the project economically implementable and competitive today, but also "future proof" as the economy slowly makes the transition to sustainable energy sources.

Economic Benefits:
The project will have very positive impacts on the local community, the State of Illinois and the United States. 

Between the mines and the plant, we expect that this development will directly create at least 600 new permanent full-time family-wage jobs, with many more jobs being created in the local area to support those positions.

Reducing U.S. fuel imports by offsetting them with the plant’s production will improve the U.S. balance of trade by over $1 Billion/year and reduce our dependence on foreign oil imports.

Environmental Performance:  
This Plant will use a proven gasification technology that generates extremely low emissions. Typical coal-associated pollutants are captured and converted to saleable products.                   

Fischer-Tropsh diesel is virtually sulfur-free, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

FT Diesel produces substantially lower tailpipe emissions, with equal performance, and full compatibility with all existing engines, no modifications required.

More on how we care for the environment:



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