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This site contains all vital information about clean coal fuels, the technologies used, and benefits in making them environmentally friendly and their various uses.

When coal is used as a source of fuel for domestic cooking, heating or industrial purpose, they emit harmful gaseous emissions that include nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), mercury, and other chemical by-products. The emissions may vary depending on the types of coal used in the plant. These emissions are known to cause acid rain, cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and many other fatal diseases. Clean coal technologies are the solution to this problem.

Clean Coal | Filtration Techologies

With advanced and improved technologies, the impact of burning coal on human health and environment can be reduced significantly. In this site, we will discuss the various methods and technologies used for coal washing to reduce the impurities. We will also talk about the benefits of using clean coal technologies in coal plants around the world.

Clean coal has been applied to many technologies from wet scrubbers that remove sulfur dioxide from coal washing that eliminates solid impurities from coal. The term is actually used for anything that can make coal plants more environment-conscious and efficient. So when people talk about clean coal technologies, they are actually referring to carbon capture and storage (CCS).